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Post-COVID Future of On-and Off-Campus Housing: Where do we go from here?

In this episode, Dr. Von Stange  will share his insights about the Post COVID Future of On-and Off-Campus Housing.

Story Notes:

  • Getting into Student Housing 
  • Student Success Outside Of Classroom  
  • Advice and Insights 
  • Communication Strategy with Higher Education Institutions
  • Lessons Learned during the Pandemic
  • Biggest Area of Opportunity Surviving the Pandemic
  • Future of Higher Education
  • The Four Core Pillars
  • Engaging Thought Leaders Facing Higher Education


In this episode, Dr. Von Stange was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Dr. Von Stange has over 35 years experience as a student-centered housing professional. Have worked in public and private, mid-sized and large institutions.Dr. Von Stange has nonetheless been plenty busy with association response to COVID. Dr. Von Stange is experienced in crisis management (floods and tornado), occupancy management (creative solution to more bodies than beds), new construction (built 1500 new beds in the past 5 years and worked on master lease agreements), external reviews (both on my campus and others), writing for publication, and other areas.

Dr. Von Stange also serves as an adjunct assistant professor in the UI College of Education. In addition to oversight of housing and dining, Dr. Von Stange also oversee our University Counseling Services, Student Health Services, Student Wellness, Recreational Services, and the Rape Victim Advocacy Program. Dr. Stange is happy to assist any housing organization with whatever they need to make their program better.

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