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013 Operational Strategy for Successful Student Retention



Andrea Kemp-Ford

Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the University of the Potomac

In this episode, Andrea Kemp-Ford was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Andrea Kemp-Ford is a highly experienced Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the University of the Potomac. Andrea has demonstrated the ability to lead diverse teams of professionals to new levels of success in a highly competitive industry and fast-paced environment. Andrea possesses strong technical and business qualifications with an impressive track record of more than twenty years of hands-on experience in higher education, business development, project management, and compliance and auditing strategies. 

Proven ability to successfully analyze various reports, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for improving productivity, increasing revenues, and improving customer service. Andrea balances a breadth of experience and knowledge with an ability to manage Strategically. Andrea joined the University of the Potomac (UOTP) team in August of 2015. Prior to joining UOTP she held the position of Asst. VP of Student Finance and Compliance for Education Management. In that capacity, she spent eight years administering and successfully overseeing the development of the Student Financial Services, Accounting, and Registrar teams for more than thirty startup locations. 

She also spearheaded the successful implementation of an on demand training initiative to train all Student Finance staff and other various departments companywide on company and U.S. Department of Education Policy, Procedures, and Standards. Andrea has been a member of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (VASFAA), Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (DE-DC-MDASFAA), and has also volunteered to offer financial aid counseling to student participants in various DC/MD/VA schools and/or centers. Andrea has served as part of multiple Small Teams for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education representing various Standards.

In this episode, Andrea Kemp-Ford will share her insight’s about Operational Strategy for Successful Student Retention. 

Story Notes:

  • Getting into the Higher Education
  • Student Success Outside of Classroom
  • The Secret Behind the Growth Of University of Potomac
  • About University of Potomac
  • Ingredients of an Operational Strategy
  • Impact of Pandemic in University of Potomac
  • Changes that Happened in the Industry
  • Opportunities that will Help Transform the Institution

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