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026 Discover Your Potential Through Language Learning



Mike Shangkuan

CEO of Lingoda GmbH

In this episode, Mike Shangkuan was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Mike Shangkuan is an EdTech entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and polyglot, speaking six languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Japanese. As a pioneer in language learning, he is the CEO of Lingoda GmbH, Europe’s leading online language school, where he is in charge of the company’s strategy and daily business.

He is also a former natural bodybuilder and competed at several international competitions. He is a graduate of Yale University and he holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. This episode will cover his career that started from Wall Street, PwC to education tech company CEO and we hope this will be an inspiration to young professionals and students.

In this episode, Mike Shangkuan will share his insights on potentials through language learning.

Story Notes:

  • What is Lingoda
  • What Does Learning all those Six Languages Bring You 
  • Trends in the Education Industry
  • What is Education in Germany
  • What Language Learning would Look Like in the Future
  • Advice for the New Generation for Language Learning

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