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031 Solving Emergency Issues in Student Housing by Pam Blumenthal


  Pam Blumenthal

Director of the Affordable Rents for College Students program at College Housing Northwest

We see different motives in what people seek in society. During the pandemic, it was a period of low-interest rates and rising stock values. Consequently, the mainstream investors were happy. Student housing insecurity has been around for a long time and has absolutely been exacerbated by the Pandemic. Do you believe they would be aware of what was occurring in the educational system for children from low-income families? Not even close! In light of official facts and news, a 40% rise in rent renders them unable to survive and homeless.

 Forget what you believe and listen to what Pam Blumenthal has to say: we can have an impact on society, we can assist students in finding accommodation, and we can have a positive effect on students’ living situations. Hopefully, there are some social entrepreneurs and investors too! We may be able to provide inexpensive housing for students by subsidizing a portion of the costs with contributions from third parties if we seek money, pursue it, and follow up on it. 

In this episode, we have the pleasure of meeting with Pam Blumenthal, the Director of the Affordable Rents for College Students program at College Housing Northwest, is bringing energy and leadership experience proven over the past 20 years! Pam will help reveal awareness of the equity gap in education!

Story Notes:

  • What led you to Student Housing
  • Education Inequities and the Importance of Colleges Providing Basic Needs to Retain Students
  • The limitations that are Creating Student Housing Issues
  • Background in Fundraising
  • Student Housing Programs that give Student Opportunities to Succeed
  • Nonprofit College Housing Model

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