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039 The Role of Career Colleges in Addressing Job Market Challenges: Examples of Leadership from WyoTech Founder



Jim Mathis

CEO/Owner of WyoTech

Welcome back to the Education and Empowerment Podcast. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Wheatland, Wyoming Rancher and Businessman Jim Mathis who purchased WyoTech in 2018, a top-notch training school that generates career ready graduates for the growing demand for mechanics in the automotive and diesel industry. Since its purchase, the school has grown exponentially.
As a former student, second time President, and now CEO/Owner, Jim Mathis knows firsthand the value technical training has, not only on the ranching industry, but on all industries across America. Throughout his career, Jim has supported technical training schools across the country.

From him we can learn how important it is for students to get hands-on experience in American industries – giving students a real-world understanding of how it all comes together. We hope you enjoy this episode with Jim Mathis. 

Story Notes:

  • Getting into higher education
  • What is Career Colleges and how they are difference from traditional colleges and universities
  • What is your current view of the job market? Are we seeing a shortage of certain trades/skills?
  • What is Wyotech
  • What makes Wyotech different
  • Teaching Philosophies of Wyotech

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