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002 Empowering Success Outside the Classroom with Dr. Matthew Shank


Matthew Shank

8th President Of Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges, a consortium of 15 private universities.


In this episode, Bakhtiyor Isoev interviews Dr. Matthew Shank, the 8th President Of Virginia Foundation of Independent Colleges, a consortium of 15 private universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia and also currently serving as interim President of the World Affairs Council in DC (a non-profit exchange organizations). Prior to this, Dr. Shank has been serving as President of Marymount University. An accomplished scholar, Dr. Shank has published numerous articles, presented at many conferences, and is the author of the book Sports Marketing: A Strategic Perspective (5th Edition). He has consulted with over 75 organizations in the areas of marketing research, strategic planning, and marketing strategy.

In the podcast, Dr. Shank will share his secret sauce for students, and youth empowerment outside the classroom. You will learn first hand from from someone well experienced as a scholar, but also a leader who ran some of the most successful higher education institutions in the nation’s capital.

Story Notes:

  • Academia and Higher Education   
  • Narrative and Motivations
  • Student Success Programming
  • Foundational Aspects
  • Affecting Factors
  • Empowering Student Success Programming at The University of Marymount
  • Challenges and Lessons
  • Outsourcing and Technology Transformation of Student Programming

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