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007 Innovation and the Future of International Scholar & Intern Success: Lessons from Dr. Jennifer Clinton




Jennifer Clinton

President & CEO at Cultural Vistas


In this episode, Dr. Jennifer Clinton was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Dr. Jennifer Clinton is President & CEO of Cultural Vistas. Cultural Vistas, a nonprofit international exchange organization based in New York with offices in Washington DC and Berlin. Each year, Cultural Vistas supports over 1,000 businesses and organizations and over 6,000 students, professionals, and emerging leaders from 130 countries through career-focused international internships, educational study tours, and language immersion in the United States and around the world.

Throughout her executive career, Dr. Clinton has held leadership positions with Cultural Vistas, Global Ties US, and Washington Center for Internships. In these organizations, Dr. Clinton brought strategic business development and turnaround management. She has led major organization-wide initiatives including strategic planning and implementation, resource development, fundraising, communications, community engagement, data and analytics, talent management, and HR.

In the podcast, Dr. Jennifer Clinton will share her insights in Innovation and the Future of International Scholar & Intern Success

Story Notes: 

  • Innovation and the Future of International Scholar & Intern Success 
  • Three Categories of Student Success Personal, Academic, and Professional
  • The Critical Components of Student’s Success Outside of Classroom
  • Challenges on Working with Young People
  • Challenges and Opportunities through Cultural Vistas
  • Success Story of Cultural Vistas
  • Success and Changes of Programs during Pandemic
  • Innovating the Field for the Future

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