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012 Post Pandemic Recovery and Future of Higher Education



Anna Esaki-Smith

A global education expert, currently advising higher education institutions

In this episode, Anna Esaki Smith was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Anna Esaki Smith, a global education expert, currently advising higher education institutions, private companies and education organizations on international strategies and thought leadership. Specializes in market scoping, student decision-making analysis, recruitment advising and content development. Forbes contributor writing about education trends, global issues and the evolving workforce. Formerly with UC Berkeley, British Council and EF Education First. Has lived and worked in Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Paris, Berkeley and New York.

In this episode, Anna Esaki Smith will share her insight about, After the pandemic the recovery and future of higher education.

Story Notes:

  • Starting in Higher Education
  • Student Success
  • Institutions Preparing in help Students Articulate what they want to do
  • Solving Challenges with Higher Education Institutions
  • Obstacles and Challenges Working with Institutions
  • Students Having Mental Issues
  • Suggestion to College Administrator and the Future of Higher Education 
  • Types of Revenue Streams
  • Opportunities for Students and Higher Education Professionals

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