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025 The Changing Nature of Student and Intern Housing in North America. What Educational Institutions Should Expect?




Aldo Diaz Rodriguez

Founder and CEO of Vanmates

In this episode, Aldo Diaz Rodriguez was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Aldo Diaz Rodriguez is the Founder and CEO of Vanmates, Canada’s favorite co-living and student accommodation provider and web platform. Recognizing that international students and young professionals move to Canada to pursue education or a new lifestyle, Aldo saw the opportunity to ease the rental process for newcomers, by providing fully furnished properties powered by technology that adapts better to their needs.

In this episode, Aldo Diaz Rodriguez will share his insights about the changing nature of student and intern housing in North America and what educational institutions should expect.

Story Notes:

  • How Did You Get In to Canada
  • Creation of Vanmates
  • What Attributes you to Success
  • What Makes Vanmates Unique
  • Vanmates During Pandemic
  • Trends in the student/Intern Housing Industry 

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