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027 Connecting Students with Future Opportunities



Nicholas Sacco

TOEFL Instructor & Owner at Connect English Language Institute

In this episode, Nicholas Sacco was interviewed by Bakhtiyor Isoev. Nicholas Sacco was born in Northern California, and moved to San Diego in 2000 to attend University of California, San Diego. He got his degree in international relations and soon began working in international education. After teaching in Tijuana, Mexico and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Nick returned to San Diego and founded Connect English in 2008.

With a fresh and energetic approach to affordable education, Connect English has provided English learning experiences for international students around the world. The school has trained well over 10,000 students. Many of those students have made the transition to colleges and universities in the USA. And many more have gone on to join the workforce with the communication skills and confidence needed for success.

In this episode, Nicholas Sacco will share his insights on connecting students with future opportunities.

Story Notes:

  • What is Connect English
  • Challenges for Students who Wants to Learn another Language
  • What Makes Connect English Unique
  • Language Training During the Pandemic
  • Connect English Success Stories

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