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032 Student Support As A Backbone For Students Success


Dr. Chitpasong Vazquez

President & CAO for California Miramar University

As a result of the post-pandemic environment, student expectations have changed. Students and educational institutions jumped on online platforms for lectures; however, social engagement could not be substituted. Educational leaders and stakeholders are asking: how can we adapt and connect with students’ new expectations?

Dr. Vazquez is passionate about education and believes in helping students succeed. In order to provide her students with support and guidance and help them build their careers for a better future, she is committed to developing meaningful relationships with them.

Dr. Chitpasong Vazquez, the President of California Miramar University, shared with us best practices around student engagement programs and made a case for successful student retention and acquisition. As a means of ensuring student success, Dr. Vazquez will tell her story of leveraging student support.

Story Notes:

  • Discussion of Dr. Vazquez-Joruney in higher education 
  • Analyzing how the pandemic impacted online learning
  • Learning about how students overcome social distancing
  • Examining the future of universities + the trends in higher education 
  • Exploring successful programs at California Miramar University
  • Providing advice to those who wish to pursue higher education

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