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037 Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Student Housing and Education Transformation

In this episode, we have two remarkable guests joining us – Christopher Chambers and Sam Wiggins.

Christopher Chambers, a native of Washington D.C., brings a wealth of experience as a Professor of Media Studies at Georgetown University. He’s not only excelled academically but has also contributed significantly to international conflict resolution efforts and affordable student housing initiatives.


Christopher Chambers

Corp Counsel Soteryx and SHA; International Fellow at International Conflict Resolution Center

Sam Wiggins, the Chairman and CEO of Student Housing of America, Inc., has over 25 years of executive leadership experience and a strong commitment to community service. His work spans both the private and government sectors, making him a key figure in empowering students and supporting minority-owned businesses.


Sam Wiggins

Chairman and CEO of Student Housing of America, Inc. • Chairman, Northern Virginia Black Chamber of Commerce

Now, let’s dive into our discussion on education, empowerment, and the critical role of affordable student housing with our esteemed guests, Christopher Chambers and Sam Wiggins.

Story Notes:

  • SHA support its Mission of Empowering Students through Affordable Housing
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Student Housing
  • The Role of SHA in Providing Affordable Housing
  • Innovations in Student Housing
  • Programs and Initiatives aimed at the Future of Student Housing?

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