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035 Redefining Education: Expanding the Concept of Educator and Community in Schools

In this episode, Join renowned youth advocate Karen Pittman, CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment, and education expert Gary Briggs, Director of Systems Impact at the New Teacher Center, in a transformative discussion. They explore the power of broadening the concept of educators to include the community, fostering a collaborative environment where students thrive beyond traditional classrooms. Together, they envision a future where partnerships between educators and communities empower the youth for a more inclusive society.



Karen Pittman

CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment

Karen Pittman is a well-known youth advocate and the founder and CEO of the Forum for Youth Investment, a non-profit organization that works to improve the quality and effectiveness of youth programs and initiatives. She has also served on several boards and committees related to education, including the National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future.


Gary Briggs

Director of Systems Impact at the New Teacher Center

Gary Briggs is the Director of Systems Impact at the New Teacher Center, a national non-profit organization that focuses on improving teacher effectiveness and student learning. Prior to this, he served as the Chief Learning Officer for the Minnesota Department of Education and has over 20 years of experience in education, including serving as a classroom teacher, principal, and district administrator.

Story Notes:

  • What is the traditional idea of a teacher, and why does it need to be expanded?
  • Can you share some examples of how educators can collaborate with other stakeholders, such as parents and community members, to improve student outcomes?
  • How can educators adapt to different learning styles and environments to better support student success?
  • How can technology be leveraged to support student-centered learning?
  • How can we better value and recognize student knowledge and experiences in the education system?
  • How can we broaden the definition of stakeholders in the school ecosystem to better support student success?

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