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036 The Changing Landscape of Higher Ed ROI: Insights and Challenges

In this episode, two esteemed guests, Mackenzie Bishop and Chris Moloney, shed light on the evolving dynamics of Higher Education Return on Investment (ROI). Their wealth of experience and passion for education bring invaluable insights to the forefront.

Mackenzie Bishop, a seasoned education professional, boasts an impressive 13-year journey in progressive leadership roles across various educational settings. From intensive English programs to universities, she intimately understands the challenges and lifecycle of the student journey. Currently serving as the university partnership development lead for Virtual Internships, Mackenzie actively contributes to the education community through conference presentations and publications. Committed to advocacy and empowering students, her dedication continues to shape the future of education.



Mackenzie Bishop

University Partnership Development Manager at Virtual Internships

Chris Moloney, PhD, brings a diverse background to the discussion as the Associate Vice President and Associate Managing Principal for Consulting within the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB). With a 100-year history of serving the higher education industry’s governance and strategy needs, AGB is at the forefront of addressing leadership and strategic challenges in colleges and universities. Chris’s extensive experience in leadership roles, research, and teaching enriches his contributions. Additionally, his involvement with the CORE Education Foundation underscores his commitment to supporting non-traditional and under-represented students in their pursuit of education and workforce opportunities.


Chris Moloney

Associate Vice President/Associate Managing Principal of Consulting at AGB

Join this dynamic duo as they navigate the path toward a more impactful and empowering higher education experience. Through their collective knowledge, they strive to shape a brighter future for students and institutions, ensuring that education remains a catalyst for personal growth, career development, and societal progress.

Story Notes:

  • Setting the Context of the ROI Discussion 
  • Types of Student Outcomes
  • Timeframe for Student Outcomes
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Measures
  • Governance / leadership aspects of ROI 
  • Concrete examples to help with ROI from outside 
  • Solutions to hit multiple ROI points

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